Monday, September 24, 2012

Episode Four - Episode Four: Redudant Titles

This is the fourth episode of the Around the Trunk Podcast.

Chris was late, Tyler left early and I dropped the F-Bomb. A lot.

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Show Notes


No timestamps this week unfortunately, as I ran out of time.



Tyler talks about short story idea he had.


Tyler and I discuss the FTL:Faster than light, a new steam game that came out this week. It's only nine bucks. Go buy it.

Stuff about the Podcast while we wait for Chris


We talk about the new intros, the cover art, and Max Scoville's Free Ipad Miley Cyrus Nudes.

Chris Sucks

Idle Banter

River World by Phillip Jose Farmer !Spoilers!


Chris finally shows up
We talk stories across different mediums and Tyler recommends Rising Stars and then proceeds to spoil it pretty thoroughly, so check it out.

I talk about a comic Idea I was playing with and move into a discussion about writing in comics as a medium.

Then we talk Movies, TV, HBO and boobs. Cause who doesn't like boobs?

Part Two

Tyler leaves, we continues talking game of thrones and move into a discussion of chapter formats.
We then talk about characters, their motivations and backgrounds informing their dialog and
actions without resorting to exposition dumping.

We also talk about Microsoft one note for a bit. We then get back to characters and give some our examples from our own writing.

We talk about stories and arcs and a bunch of writing craft related things. There is a discussion of easter eggs, and the difference between theft and homage. Narration in other mediums, Burn Notice
and actors playing characters. We then finish up with a light discussion of Doctor Who Companions.

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